About Us

Moona Consulting is an international web technology company
offering web development and business software solutions.

Who We Are

Moona Consulting is a international web development company specializing in delivering technologically advanced websites, ecommerce and software solutions. Since its founding in 2004 Moona Consulting is an independent, steadily growing company with a mission to help our customers with online solutions that contribute to their operating profit: Online solutions for bottom line success!

While developing professional webshops, websites and web applications we address four key areas:

Content: Specific topics, content type (text, whitepapers, videos, forum) for the relevant target groups  at different stages of the buying or decision making process.
Design: professional design that appeals to the target audience
Findability:  target audience can find the site in related search engine results and through relevant (social media) websites
Usability: visitor can easily and quickly navigate and interact
Conversion: visitors are invited to act (buy products, register as member, download information)

Moona Consulting has developed best practices, performance indicators, specific tools and code to monitor and improve all five areas. Our approach is characterized by its focus on the user and measuring processes and outcomes. We have an international team with offices in Amsterdam and Mumbai (India).

Our client portfolio ranges from ambitious start-ups to established SMEs and large multinationals. We serve various sectors such as retail & fashion, energy, financial and professional services.