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Realize more leads to your corporate website improve the internal communication with your intranet

Corporate Website

More results with your corporate website

How can you improve your clients and partners corporate website experience ? What can you do to stay ahead of your online competition? How can you improve your search engine ranking? Moona Consulting works with you to build a professional and search engine friendly website that you can easily manage yourself.

More than a professional look and feel

Your company's corporate website is your most important communication channel and should attract and engage you target audience. Your visitors should be able to find their way on your site quickly and easily through a clear site structure and navigation menu. Moona Consulting can develop a pixel perfect, browser compatible website for you. We can also incorporate the design of your advertising agency.

Google friendly

More and more people are finding their suppliers and business partners online. Therefore being found in Google, preferably in the top ten search results, is essential for your website. To achieve this, your corporate website will have to fulfill certain technical requirements, such as clean search engine friendly URLs and indexing of relevant pages. Moona Consulting makes sure that your site is being found by Google and helps you how to best monitor your traffic and conversion with Google Analytics.

Updating content yourself

A website is never finished. In order to continue engaging your customers, you will have to keep publishing new content. We work with several leading and user-friendly content management systems that allow you to do this yourself.

Developing your corporate website with Moona Consulting:

  • Quality: pixel perfect display in different browsers and rigourously tested.
  • Experience: we have created multiple corporate websites, for lead generation, branding and ecommerce objectives.
  • Consulting: we think along with you and as part of our service we provide tips and best practices on usability, conversion, content writing regarding your corporate website.