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Realize more leads to your corporate website improve the internal communication with your intranet


Improved internal communication with your intranet

How can you facilitate a corporate community and strengthen co-operation between people and departments? What can you do to support your (sales/HR) processes with your intranet? How can you store your documents, company policies and employee data in a structured way on your intranet? Moona Consulting can help to develop a powerful and secure intranet, which is easy to use by all participants.

Facilitating co-operation and teamwork

Employees increasingly work from different locations; at a satellite office, at home or on the road. An intranet can facilitate co-operation and co-ordination in such situations. Discussion forums, employee profiles, calendars and events, company policies are all centrally available. Moona Consulting builds a secure and powerful intranet; we can also help you with integrating the intranet in your overall architecture. For example synchronising your employee and customer data with your CRM or emailing systems.

Exchanging knowledge and managing documents

An intranet is a the place to manage your corporate knowledge centrally. When organized properly, retrieving the right information can be achieved more quickly without having to send emails to colleagues. Think of following content:

  • Microblogs
  • Manuals and guides regarding your processes
  • (User generated) articles by topic
  • Presentations, videos and photo’s
  • Forums and discussions

Moona Consulting can help you develop a well structured intranet, where users can easily share and find information. This includes a powerful search function and access control so all users have access to only relevant information.

Developing your intranet with Moona Consulting:

  • Quality: extensively tested and pixel perfect display in different browsers
  • Experience: we have created multiple intranet applications and can help you find the best solutions on how to integrate your intranet in your architecture
  • Consulting: we think along we you and provide you as part of our service tips and best practices on the technical and non-technical aspects.

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